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Job Requirements
  • Your job placement must be arranged or approved by the WBL Coordinator.

  • Your job must be within 20 miles of the high school (approved exceptions only over 20 miles) 

  • Adequate supervision for the student must be ensured at all times.

  • Your job must be one where the WBL Coordinator may visit.

  • Amount of student hours worked should meet or exceed the correlated seat time according to the period(s) enrolled in WBL.

  • a placement resulting in a situation where the student’s worksite supervisor is a parent or other relative is not appropriate.

  • Jobs which involve door-to-door sales or solicitation by minors are not acceptable placements.

  • Businesses with a history of crime-related incidents, especially those involving violence, should be avoided.

  • Placements in high-risk occupations are no acceptable placements. 

  • Workers and supervisors at the worksite must be aware of equipment and tasks that are prohibited for student workers.

  • Placement in private homes or the provision of home-bound services at private homes are not acceptable placements. 

  • Placement in settings that serve alcohol should be avoided or carefully monitored to ensure that the placement does not put the student in harassing, unsafe, or illegal situations.

  • You may NOT work through a temporary employment service. These are just that- TEMPORARY. Also, temporary employment services do not allow the WBL Coordinator to visit the work place.

  • You should remain on your job for the entire school year.

Does your job meet the WBL requirements? 

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